"Putting the Child First"

Mission Statement – Putting the Child First

CLPER's mission is to develop a community-based program, Putting the Child First, to respond on an emergency basis to the contaminated residences of lead-poisoned children. We utilize highly effective Interim Controls in reducing the child's exposure to lead-based paint and we attempt to do so as soon as possible after diagnosis. This cuts through the months of waiting between a child's diagnosis and the legally-mandated abatement (which often does not take place at all.) CLPER does not believe that interim controls are a substitute for lead-based paint abatements, the permanent elimination of lead hazards. We support state required permanent abatement interventions; but we do want to help lead-poisoned children now. The longer the child is exposed to lead the more severe and the more likely the effects will be permanent.

Because "time is of the essence" in the treatment of childhood lead poisoning, our principle advocacy and long term funding goal is for Interim Controls to be reimbursable through Medicaid for those eligible children whose residences are not abated within the time frame established by law. We want the professional application of Interim Controls reimbursed as a medical intervention, akin to chelation therapy. Since 80% of lead-poisoned children are either eligible or already covered under Medicaid, payment of Interim Controls would substantially mitigate what CLPER's Board of Directors believes to be the most pressing national Environmental Justice issue today.

Funding for Putting the Child First is sought through foundations, unions, the business community, churches, community organizations, and the parents of lead poisoned children. CLPER is also intended to be self-supporting and to that end has procured its Lead Abatement Contractor's and Evaluator's licenses from the NJ Department of Community Affairs. Proceeds from the marketplace are returned to Putting the Child First.

CLPER as a non-profit organization engages in research. Areas of active research are the effectiveness of current screening efforts to identify lead-poisoned children, activities that lend themselves to the creation of lead-based paint hazards and the scientific evaluation of the efficacy of interim controls and abatement techniques.

Federal and state programs have shown marked success in reducing lead in our food, water, and air. The remaining major source of childhood exposure, residential lead-based paint, has remained an intractable problem, especially for our inner city children. CLPER's mission is to address the special needs of those children in the most timely and effective manner possible.

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